Thank you very much for the interest shown in my pictures!

Prices on request

My originals are painted on the back of unfolded boxes for deep-frozen pizza (solid, proper cardboard most suitable as long lasting carrier). For further information see „The Pizza Box“. The small 15 x 15 cm daily paintings on pizza box fragments are fixed with acid-free frames (passepartout) in an original Italian pizza box and are dispatched in a suitable mailing package. The larger 26 x 26 cm paintings are painted directly on the complete pizza box and may be hanged like a canvas (see below – pls click to zoom). I have developed this technique by means of numerous trials. Please note that there might be slight deviations in colour (despite my efforts to achieve an exact reproduction, the internet does not always deliver exact colours).Within 14 days after receipt of the picture you may withdraw from the contract (by mail, e-mail, fax and return of the picture) without giving any reasons. Furthermore, all copyrights remain with the artist, – but hey, you are owning the original. All pictures are signed by hand on the back indicating the date of issue, title etc.

PRICES; please send me email

Size 15 x 15 cm


Size 26 x 26 cm

painted on canvas-like processed pizza-box


Contract works for portraits according to photos

in the size of 15 x 15 cm incl. passepartout,

packing and forwarding — per picture

All prices without VAT as per § 19 UstG


Bank transfer or PayPal. For PayPal click here. PayPal


In case of interest please send an e-mail to indicating the name of the picture. If available the picture will be sent to you in a suitable mailing package after mutual agreement on the mode of dispatch.Within 14 days after receipt of the picture you may withdraw from the contract (by mail, e-mail, fax and return of the picture) without giving any reasons. You then may return the picture in good condition at my expenses and I will refund the amount I received from you. In case of any questions please contact me by e-mail or mobile or leave a message so that I can call back.


The small daily paintings of 15 x 15 cm will be ready for dispatch within 1 to 2 days after receipt of your payment. As the paintings of 26 x 26 cm still have to be processed to little canvasses they will be ready for dispatch within 1 week after receipt of your payment.

From time to time a painting may be in an exhibition and, therefore, might not be available immediately.

On the right side of my blog I am presenting a small slide show titled „Delivery Service“ showing how the paintings will be dispatched. By clicking into the middle of the picture you reach my Picasa page where you may see painting and text in a larger scale. There will be a link under each picture leading you back to the blog. In case you are interested in a painting from the archives (see below on the right) or from the categories, please contact me by e-mail.

Here you are looking at examples showing the paintings in simple lacquered frames in the size of 20 x 20 cm. Please click to see a larger scale. You may also get your painting in a black or white frame for an extra charge of € 10,– each.

As a fancy alternative I presented the paintings in the pizza cardboard box during an exhibition.

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